Language: Nepali


Organizational Objectives

  • To fulfill the information needs of agricultural practitioners and farm communities through the use of modern information and communication technology.
  • To identify, capture, document and disseminate agricultural information and knowledge resources for professionals, stakeholders, producers, processors and traders in easy, transparent and faster ways.
  • To motivate farmers and growers using media of mass communication to adopt modern farm practices in order to increase farm productions.
  • To develop networks of agricultural information and communication systems to enhance information sharing within and among stakeholder organizations.
  • To help close the digital rift between rich and poor farmers, urban and rural areas through innovative use of ICT in a way to ensure food security, poverty alleviation and sustainable agricultural development.

      Major Functions
  • Production and broadcast of farm radio programs and agricultural news.
  • Production and broadcast of video documentaries, agricultural programs and news from Nepal Television.
  • Publication and distribution of bimonthly agricultural magazine, diary, calendar, booklet, folder and print works.
  • Agricultural information collection, documentation, maintaining digital library and website updating.